Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winn Dixie score on ribeyes and a Publix trip

I have given up on meeting my 300 goal this month. Sigh. Spent another $114.61 and got:

21.66lbs ribeye steak
4 - 7ct packs steakums
1 loaf bread
6 cans tomato
2 bags coffee
2 bags chex mix
10 mayo
8 - 16oz boxes velveeta

Going back to Publix later this weekend to get some more granola bars, velveeta and tomatoes. We are stocked on beef for sure. I am making a committment to low carb and could not pass up the beef...I sorta feel pathetic but this is an effort for the long term cut of the bill and I used to be at $300 a week so I should not feel so bad for not passing up these deals. GRRRRRR

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