Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February - New start

Alright, I totally blew budget last month. I spent almost $700. I saved $2360 and my meat freezer is packed. My pantry items are good for a year or more. My HBA and household cleaners…more like 2 years. Cat food is good for a year. Dog good…not so good. I have started cooking for my dog again. He prefers it and if I can’t get his food free or almost free, cooking for him is a better option both nutritionally and economically.
I don’t know if I can stay under $300 but will try. Yesterday I went to Publix and got 20 boxes of Quaker granola bars, 6 – 4 packs of Yo Plus yogurt (DH loves this brand and I had $1 off q’s that expired yesterday) and 6 packs of bratwurst. Total OOP after q’s and sale was $18.07. I then went to our neighborhood butcher/seafood market and got 2 lbs of deli roast beef. This rivals Boars Head and sells for only $5.99/lb versus almost $12/lb at Publix. I started low carb again and have learned that having this lean roast beef on hand is a life saver when I want to go grab something off plan. I vacuum sealed 1lb of it and put it in the freezer. I get so upset when I am not able to finish it before it starts to ‘go’ and don’t always get to the butcher before he closes.
I looked at the Publix preview and don’t see much that I am interested in. If the q match ups make stuff free or almost free, I may shop this week. To be continued.

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