Monday, February 23, 2009

Last shopping of the month

I spent $103.38 this weekend. I got $20 back in register rewards to add to my budget. Total spent this month was $300.63 but I have $20 extra to add to next months or take off of this months. I don’t plan to do any more shopping this month (unless I find some more marked down pork at Albertsons!! ) so looks like I made budget!! About the pork deal at Albertsons…I have $1/1 Hormel Always Tender pork manu coupons. I was at Albertson’s late on Saturday night and discovered that they mark down pork that needs to be sold by the next day. I was able to get 7.29 lbs of pork for $6.25! Most of it was boneless sirloin chops. That is only $.86/lb! I will be popping in there often late at night now. My Sweetbay is closing so I was able to get a lot of stuff there at a 50% mark down.

What I got this weekend:
12 cans dog food
1 bottle lotion
7.29lbs pork
1 - 2 liter diet dr pepper
44 cans beans
2 cans bread crumbs
12 cans tomato sauce
10 bottles salad dressing
2 boxes broth
1 gallon milk
6.36lbs tilapia
3lbs bananas
3 rolls paper towels
4 klondike
2 half gallon ice cream
2 dozen eggs
1 loaf bread
25 frozen pizzas
3 mens razors
13 - 20ft rolls aluminum foil
2 - 24ct bottles excedrin

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  1. I hope you aren't giving up your blog. I miss reading about your savings. :(