Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am gonna break budget

I feel bad but I have to be honest here with my self. This is a great month for stocking stuff i don't have stocked and I NEED to do that. Electrosol. I want to stock a year or so. It is BOGO at Publix and the q's expire on the 1st. I need to replenish the Pepsi stock and build a pasta sauce and peanut butter stock. On top of that, Albertsons has the B1G2 free on thier steak...anyway, I may have to borrow $100 from the upcoming months to afford being able to take advantage of these seasonal sales. I am doing a WAGs RR roll on the Pepsi products and Ragu/Skippy and while the Ragu/Skippy is low OOP, the Pepsi is costing about $12 for every 9 - 8 packs. Cheap soda, but adding to the OOP this month for sure. Also, Publix had the Goodlife cat food advantage buy...I am OUT of cat food and at $0.49 a bag this is stockable. Same for the Dreamfields. I eat low carb and these are 3/$5 and i have tons of $1/1 coupons I need to use.

So OK, I think I need to stock on the stuff I don't have. There will be months that I don't need to stock the sales. I hope it works out and balances. I still want at $300 a month budget. May need to borrow from the next few months to cover this one??

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