Sunday, January 4, 2009

$300 a month challenge

I have a GREAT stockpile of just about everything we need (family of 5 (2 teens, 1 tween, and tons of their friends), 1 dog and 2 cats). I think it is time to only go after the super cheap or free deals. So my goal for 2009 is to spend $300 OOP a month or less on food (pet food incl), HBA, and household cleaners/other stuff. I want to do this while continuing to replenish our stockpile and keep it at a level where i can continue to donate as well. My husband was laid off so I might not be donating much in the next month or so until he gets a job...So far I have spent $31.28 OOP in January.

Trip 1 to Publix:$16.15
2.5lbs bananas
quart buttermilk
bottle horseradish sauce
3lbs sweet onions (made onion straws...)
16 boxes Pillsbury Savorings
8 bags (40 count) Totinos Pizza Rolls

Trip 2 to Publix:$8.01
24 cans of soup

Trip 1 to WAGs:$0.84
12 Garnier hair products

Trip 2 to WAGs:$1.32
12 Garnier hair products

Trip to Albertsons:$4.96
2 dozen eggs
1 quart half n half
2 loaves bread

Wish me luck!!

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