Thursday, January 22, 2009

Publix trips 1/20/09

On Tuesday I got 1 bag of dog food, 18 bags of cat food, 6 – 32ct boxes of electrosol, and 18 boxes of pasta. Total OOP was $17.53. Total OOP so far this month is $357.33. Total saved is $1923.76. Percent savings 81.43%. I am stocked for 6 months on cat food and a couple years on dishwasher detergent. A year on pasta sauce and pasta, peanut butter, household cleaners stocked for at least 2 or 3 years, oatmeal for a year, meat/poultry for many many months, lunch box snacks for the rest of the school year in to the summer, candles and hair care for years, soup for a year, and many many months of frozen other items. I looked at the Publix sales this week and all I can think that I need to get are fruit parfait cups. The kids love these in their lunch boxes and I only have a handful of 4 packs in stock. I will also get more cat food. I have a couple $5/30 competitor coupons left to use and the bags are on sale for $3.49. I have $3/1 q’s to use as well making almost free catfood (probably tax only). We leave on Saturday for vacation so my budget spending is almost done for this month as we return on the 1st of next month. Considering the stock that I have, I am fairly confident I will meet or beat the $300 a month budget next month and start absorbing the overage I incurred this month. I still have $20 in ECB’s and $10 in RR to apply to next months spending so at the moment, I am about $27 over budget. Not bad for my first month!!

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