Monday, January 5, 2009

WAGs today

This is a pic of my WAG's bounty minus some spray gloss that my step daughter snagged.
Made 2 trips to WAG's today to finish using my Garnier coupons.

1st trip:
6 shampoo and 6 conditioner
6 asst hair styling product

Total OOP: $1.88

2nd Trip:
12 asst hair styling product
3 shampoo and 3 conditioner

Total OOP: $3.59

Also had to get some mayo at Publix today. GRRR. Someone 'borrowed' my bottle from the frig at work. I needed it for my lunch. I went to Publix and got 2 bottles of Kraft mayo on a BOGO so $4.99 out of pocket. I figured if I got something else for lunch it would have cost that or more...this way I now have 2 bottles of mayo. No coupons on hand for it though!

Total spent this month so far: $41.74.

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