Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Since last post I have spent another $79.40 for a total OOP of $436.70. Totally blew budget this month. There were deals that I just could not pass up, stuff I have been needing to stockpile. Since last post I have bought the following:

4 london broils
16 hoagie rolls
1lb sliced deli ham
2lbs sliced deli turkey
8 jars peanut butter
15 packs gum
60 cans rotel tomatoes
22 boxes cheese crackers
8 pints egg beaters
6 bags cat food
1 bag dog food
6 boxes toaster strudels
6 - 4pack fruit parfait cups
32 boxes cereal
6 dove beauty bars
28 cans chili
2 - 160 ct pack napkins

Publix has some great deals coming up on velveeta and other stuff. I am not going to shop on SB sunday and have to go back to work next week so I will again, be making additional spending purchases this month. However, I have a $5/50 from Albertsons and a $10/50 from Winn Dixie to use to help bring the OOP down.

Hope I do better next month. This is so hard to do while continuing to build a great stockpile of stuff we don't already have a stock of...

But hey, did you notice I got 32 boxes of cereal in addition to all of the other stuff for less than $80? At a reg price of $4 a box of cereal, for that $80 I would have only gotten 20 boxes.

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