Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Since my last post I have spent another $193.53!!! For a total OOP of$339.80. In that process however I have earned back $20 ECBs and still have $10 RR. Also, I have 2 years stock of electrosol, several years stock of household cleaners, a year at least of peanut butter, couple years pasta sauce…and at least 6 months of soda. We love our soda.
If the deal is a stockpiling worthy deal, I am gonna do it as long as we are not already stocked on the product. Hopefully I will make up the overage this month in the next couple months.
Here is what I have bought over this long weekend:
2lbs Bananas
3 frozen pizzas
1 head cabbage
1 loaf bread
4 cans spinach
2 bags marshmallows
6 slim jims
2 bags hotdog buns
1 bag hamburger buns
1 box baking soda
1 box honey buns
10 - 3pack scented oil candle refills
10 boxes cheese crackers
8lbs sirloin steak
4.5lns boneless skinless chicken breast
26 jars Ragu
14 jars peanut butter
3 bottles green olives
6 cans black olives
45 - 8 pack pepsi product
2 lbs deli pepperoni
1/2lb deli olives
8 boxes spaghetti
8 - 32ct boxes electrosol
2 boxes cereal
2 bottles juice
14 - 10ct boxes instant oatmeal
6 bottles antibacterial kitchen cleaner
2 bottles all purpose cleaner
6 - 10ct boxes frozen waffles
2 - 4pack yogurt
6 loaves frozen garlic cheese bread

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