Friday, January 9, 2009

Staying on track

Couple Publix trips:

14 cans pringles
36 boxes fruit snacks

6 tubes Grands bisquits
12 boxes various Rice a Roni
1 bag hot dog buns
2.5lbs bananas
Total OOP: $15.55
Saved: $122.92

Popped in to Winn Dixie to get some Tylenol that was on sale for $4.49. I had 2 $4/1 coupons. OOP $0.98 and saved $11.60.

Total OOP for the month is $70.14. I have $229.86 left.

And I have a dilema. We are going on vacation the last week of the month. It is to our timeshare in VA for skiing. We have a full kitchen and I have typically gone to the grocery store upon arrival and get food for the week. We save alot this way because we are not going out to eat. I am gonna check out the Kroger and Food Lion sales sneak peeks and try to bring coupons with me to use while there. And Jim (hubby) is begrudgingly giving me some extra room in the car for me to bring pantry stuff etc. Anyway, my dilema is that I don't want to break budget for this but then again, it is a vacation.

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  1. I would try my best to stay within budget but if you do go over I wouldn't stress about it. May I make a suggestion? It would be really nice if you listed what coupons you used when you list your deals.