Saturday, January 10, 2009

Walmart Trip

Spent the day at moms, my 'little gramma' turned 99 today. It was a nice day. I wonder what it would be like to hang with mom in a non vacation non work the next day situation? Anyway, Little Gramma was cool and blew out her 9 candles like a pro. She complained a bit about how hard it is to have nothing to do all the time. Her vision is going so she can't knit or watch much tv and though she continues her walks, she is getting achy after. Listening to her, seeing the will to give up in her eyes...I can almost understand why 'old' folk decide that they are just done living. My parents have given her the responsibility of the 3 grey hounds feeding and she takes that very serious. I applaud them. She needs to be needed and valued. Man.

Ok, so I got 20 GG steamers q's 1/1 on a trade and set out to Wally World for my free veggies. Alas, they raised the price to $1.23 so I paid $4.60 today for 20 bags of frozen veggies. Total OOP so far is $74.74. I do not need frozen veggies or any veggies for quite a while.

Speaking of which, mom got a seal a meal. That looked so totally wonderful seeing her meat in the freezer. I will admit (though I didn't in front of Jim) that I have tossed a roast or other wise here and there. The zipper bag tore or some thing or another. The save a meal was 40 bucks. I am not figuring that in to this months budget. I will consider adding the bags/rolls in to the budget at a later date.

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  1. That seal a meal sounds nice. I am kind of OCD about meat and I admit that I have thrown a few things away too. If it looks funny I just can't bring myself to cook it. I did find one of those Reynolds vaccum sealer things and it works pretty good.