Sunday, January 4, 2009

another frugal thought

Another resolution is to become more of a frugal cook. Less waste. The last couple weeks I have been tossing the ends of the onion, the ends of the celery, the core of the cabbage, the ends of the tomatos…you get the idea….in a zipper baggie in the freezer. Last night I made a pot of chicken and rice using a whole chicken. I tossed the carcass in my slow cooker, added water and the frozen ‘junk’ veggies, along with some spices, and cooked it on low for about 14 hours. I now have 9 two cup portions of chicken stock in my freezer that blows any canned or boxed broth out of the water!! FREE.

1 comment:

  1. this is a great idea. We started feeding all our junk veg pieces to the chickens. I guess it's a wash in the end since I will eventually get eggs in return. I save teh heels of my gluten free bread and when I get 8 or so heels I make stuffing